Young House Love’s Interview With Richmond Habitat!

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PetersikFamilyPortraitFINALRichmond’s favorite bloggers, John and Sherry Petersik from Young House Love, graciously answered a few questions for us to share with you guys about their upcoming Home-a-rama house, why they love Richmond Habitat and the Richmond Habitat ReStore and a few DIY tips for those looking to get started!


You guys are designing a home for Home-a-rama this year and donating your design fee to Richmond Habitat!  What can we expect from your home design?


We’re so excited to dive into the Home-a-rama adventure! We’ve been working on the floor plan and the design for months and we can’t wait to see all of these on-paper ideas become an actual house that we can stand in and walk around! It’s almost surreal! We’re definitely fans of classic yet happy spaces, so there should be a lot of timeless finishes mixed with pops of color and some cheeky and playful touches to make it feel like home. We love homes that feel casual and welcoming, so most of all, we really want to inject a heavy dose of “heart” into this house. Especially for a great cause like Habitat!


What makes Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity one of your favorite charities to support?


We love all of the hard work you guys do to make Richmond a better place and to help families who need a hand. It’s amazing that you’re able to get the community and each homeowner that you help so involved in the process, and everyone who has worked with you guys has said it was an awesome experience. We’re honored to be able to help out in any small way that we can.


Have you ever volunteered to help build a Habitat home?


That has always been on our bucket list, so we’d love to!


Children outside a Habitat for Humanity houseWhat does the word “HOME” mean to you?


We’ve learned that it’s not the decor or the furnishings that make a home, it’s that comfortable feeling that you get when you’re surrounded by people or special momentos that you love. Home is wherever we are with our daughter and our pooch – even if that means it’s a total fixer upper that’s covered in wallpaper and old carpeting. It still feels like home when we wake up there with our family, especially when our minds are swimming with possibilities for transforming that house into an awesome place for us all to settle into.


Why do you donate to the Richmond Habitat ReStore?


We love supporting such an amazing local organization, whether it’s with annual monetary donations, dropping off old home items at the ReStore, or shopping there to show our support. It’s always awesome when an organization makes it so simple to support them in so many ways, and we tell anyone who will listen how awesome the ReStore is, whether you’re looking to declutter your house and need a place to send everything, or you’re in the market for some home items on a budget.


You guys not only donate items to our ReStore – you’re also shoppers as well – what is your favorite item you’ve purchased from the Richmond Habitat ReStore?


Petersik Play Kitchen smallI’d have to say that our favorite things are probably a faucet and an old kitchen cabinet that we bought to make a play kitchen for our daughter. The price was right, and she plays with that kitchen all the time. I love that we were able to build it for her with secondhand finds, and that she has gotten so much joy from something that we cobbled together for her with love. (Shh, she thinks Santa made it, so let’s not tell her it was us just yet…).


Do you have one or two easy do-it-yourself ideas / suggestions folks could do using items from our ReStore?


Our best advice would just be to take your time looking around and try to imagine what things could become. An old fireplace screen could look like new with a quick coat of spray paint. An old cabinet that’s the wrong color could be refinished and used in a bathroom or kitchen to add more storage space. We’ve seen everything from awesome furniture to great fixtures and even some cool fireplace mantels that could completely transform a room if you brought them home and showed them some love.

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