Richmond Habitat’s Youngest Donor

Posted on by HabitatAdmin

No matter your age or the amount, every dollar donated to Richmond Habitat tells a story and makes a difference. A few weeks ago, we received a $25 donation from a sweet little 7 year old named Shepard! With the donation came a note from his mom, “My 7 year-old, Shepard, has a big heart for people who need homes. He has been saving his money and I encouraged him to give.”
Shepard wasn’t cleaning his room the way he was supposed to and his dad mentioned that he should think about how lucky he was because some people didn’t have rooms to clean or a home to live in. Shepard took that to heart and saved his allowance for weeks to help. He was very excited to make his donation. In fact, the other day, when he was with his dad driving by a vacant piece of property, he asked if that was where they were going to build the house that his gift was building!
Click here to be like Shepard and help give the gift of home ownership today.

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