Help Marquita and Her Boys Build Their New Home!

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marquitaMarquita Edmonds is a devoted, single mother who lives in Richmond with her three sons, Alexander, Dwayne and Vincent.  Like so many others in the area, they have been struggling to make ends meet.  Barely getting by in poverty housing, they’ve been desperately trying to move into a decent, affordable home that would provide them with stability, peace of mind and the chance for a better life.


Before the age of 16, Marquita lived in an unstable home, surviving bouts of homelessness, staying in hotels and shelters.  As a result, Marquita’s greatest fear was never being able to live in a safe neighborhood or better the situation for her children.


When Marquita applied to Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity in 2009, her rental apartment was poorly maintained.  The windows were inefficient, exposing the space to all exterior weather conditions.  Roaches, ants and even bed bugs lined their living space.  The children were unable to play outside for fear of violence or exposure to marijuana.  The final point of frustration came when a man was discovered dead in his vehicle.


At that point, Marquita knew that although that was all she could afford, there had to be a better opportunity for her and her family.


Fortunately, there are better days ahead for Marquita and her sons – much better days – because they’ve been approved as a Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity partner family.  I’m pleased to tell you that their dream of living in a decent, quality home will soon come true! 


Marquita and her three sons, Alexander, Dwayne and Vincent, are so excited about their brand new home and are anxiously anticipating construction, beginning in a few short weeks.  Marquita truly understands the importance of homeownership and the stability it gives a family.

awesomeIn preparation of home ownership, Marquita has completed over 300 of the 350 hours of “sweat equity” by attending educational classes, working at the ReStore and working on-site at both The Pillars at Oakmont and the Hollis’ house in New Kent.  Her eldest son, Alexander, has been able to contribute to the sweat equity with his grades.  Alexander was attending Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School on scholarship from a local church, and now attends Benedictine through a combination of sponsorship and scholarship.  He enjoys chess, drawing, playing trumpet, hiking, camping, and a lot of other outdoor activities.  Dwayne attends Woodville Elementary and is in the honor society.  He is into discovering, reading, football, soccer, and board games.  In her free time, Marquita loves to cook for her boys and watch movies and play games with them.  She is proud of her boys. She boasts they are respectful, well-spoken and are on the road to becoming great men of God.


“I have been a single mother since the age of 17, and as I have gotten older, I have realized the importance of providing a loving and stable home for my children.” 


Help Marquita and her family build their home this Spring – donate today!




Or send a check to Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity, 

2281 Dabney Road, Suite A, Richmond, VA 23230


Your support of Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity makes it possible for us to act on our conviction that every man, woman and child on earth should have a safe, decent and affordable place to call their own.  Your concern and compassion help us provide hope and homes to more families who are trying so hard to leave poverty housing behind them, like the Edmonds.


To generous future sponsors and volunteers of her home, Marquita says, “I could never express what this means for my family. Only by the grace of God have they been sent to start me on a path of blessings that God has for me. God blesses us so we can be a blessing to someone else. I just pray that I can one day bless someone the way they are blessing me. I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart. In this tough economy for them to still be helping others is extraordinary. God bless them!”


Please join us in providing a hand up to the Edmonds family.  With your help, we can have them into a comfortable home of their own prior to the start of the next school year.

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