Do It Yourself: Home Improvements

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If any part of your house is ready for remodeling, “do it yourself” home improvement projects can save you time and money.   These projects are affordable and easy, but most importantly, they will make you feel accomplished.

The functions of doors need to be reconsidered.  Doors can be repurposed to create something creative and functional.  For example, wood doors are perfect for table tops.  Find an inexpensive door you like at a salvage store or a home improvement center or just use an old one at your house, then simply paint it or strip and sand it for an aged looked.  Afterwards, attach the door to any sort of legs or base that fit the look you are trying to create.   In order to cover the recessed panels on the door, put a sheet of glass or plexiglass over it.


An outdoor table can be made just as easily.  A door can be hung from a tree branch or porch to fashion a remarkable table.  In order to hang the door, wrap strong twine, rope, or chain around the branch or the beam of the porch and thread it through the drilled holes within the door.  Tie the twine and rope in large knots or place eyelets secured with a bolt to hold the chain.


Two old doors can be transformed into a bench as well.  One door is used for the seat while the other for the back.  Screw them together at ninety degree angles, attach legs, and paint or stain them.


Door panels make for a perfect place to inset a mirror. You can purchase an affordable full length mirror at any home improvement store. Before anything, the door should be sanded and stripped of any finish. Afterwards, cut the mirror to size using glass cutting tools and glue it on the door with mastic.


Another really unique and affordable use of a door is using it to create a home message center.  Find a door with multiple panels that can be used for a different purpose.  One section could be covered with chalkboard paint, one with a cork board, and another with sheet metal in order to be magnetic.


There are so many ways to repurpose old doors – and lucky for you, the Richmond Habitat ReStore has TONS of salvaged doors for sale perfect for your next project!  If you have examples of projects you have completed from items you have salvaged or repurposed, feel free to share them with us and we will feature them on our website or facebook page.  Email photos to

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