DIY Up-Cycling – Light Fixture!

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Here at the ReStore we have several light fixtures that may not be the most modern or cool light fixtures ever created.  Last week, we decided to do a little experiment to see if we could bring one lucky little light fixture from old and stuffy to young, modern and hip!  We hope you enjoy this epic tale of a light fixture’s journey to coolness!

Here is our heroic light fixture before; sad, not confident, dated, too shiny.

The first thing we did was give him a good polish to make sure there was no dust or other residue left on its surface.

Next, we took a tiny bit of paper towel and stuffed it in each candle tube (I’m not sure what it’s actually called, but I’m sure you get the gist!).  This will prevent the spray paint from getting into the part where the lightbulb is screwed in.

Next we took our trusty blue spray paint (almost exactly Habitat blue colored!) and started spraying.  We sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed until our light fixture was completely and evenly covered.  We let him dry outside for about an hour and when we returned we saw the amazing transformation!

It is amazing what a $4 can of spray paint can do!  Look at how snazzy our little light fixture looks now!  He will be so happy and proud hanging in someone’s dining room!

Lucky for you, we have plenty of other light fixtures here looking for a new home and a makeover!

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  1. Jennyth says:

    Do it again! This time, see if you can find a can of the dark bronze spray paint…or for a halloween treat, try glossy black and hang some red crystals from the hobby store from the arms and the loop on the bottom!