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525857_10151460846423368_2074017513_nMark Wheatley spent 35 years dedicated to ensuring the safety of others working with the Fairfax County Fire Department.  While in Northern Virginia, he volunteered frequently helping to build homes with the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.  “I knew the positive effect it had on the families we were building homes for – it was a natural fit for me to volunteer with them.”


In 2011 after officially retiring, Mark and his wife moved to Richmond.  He knew he wanted to continue his service with Habitat for Humanity and quickly looked up how to volunteer in Richmond.  After volunteering a few times – he was hooked, “They treated me nice on site and I bonded with the other regular volunteers and the site supervisors – they can’t get rid of me now.”


Bill Burch retired as a technology department project manager at a local bank in 2001.  After being retired for a year, he wanted to find some way to stay active and give back to his community.  A dedicated member of Trinity United Methodist Church in Henrico, Bill jumped at the opportunity to attend an informational meeting about Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity held after Sunday service.


After the meeting, one of Bill’s fellow church-goers invited him out on the construction site.  He began volunteering more and more frequently and eventually started volunteering on a weekly basis, sometimes multiple times a week.


Eleven years later, he is still dedicated to lending a helping hand on the construction site each week, “My favorite part about volunteering with Richmond Habitat is the friendships I’ve made.  We are a tight knit group and I really enjoy working with the site supervisors.  We always have a good time!”


Bill and Mark are just two of the many members of Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity’s “Weekday Crew.”  The Weekday Crew are men and women (mostly retired) who volunteer out on the construction site on a weekly basis.  Many of them are skilled at construction, but some volunteer to learn new skills, make new friends and help give back to their community.


Marguerite, one of two female members of the Weekday Crew, compassionately explains why she volunteers, “The Weekday Crew does not work for praise, recognition or any type of award, but for the countless thank you’s, smiles and hugs from those truly grateful homeowners.  When a homeowner says to you with a tear in their eye, full of emotion, “This has been a blessing, thank you, God Bless you,” it makes all your time, effort and sweat so meaningful.”


We build year-round and are always looking for caring, hardworking volunteers to help us on the construction site. If you are interested in giving back to your community while learning new skills and building lasting friendships, we would love to hear from you.


To learn more about volunteering with Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity, please contact or (804) 232-7001 ext. 112.

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