Affordable Rental Pilot Program

Posted on by HabitatAdmin

Your support is making it possible for families to gain access to safe, affordable rental housing through Richmond Habitat’s new Affordable Rental Pilot Program.
Construction has already begun on the first two units, to be located on Newbourne St. near Fairfield Court, for lower-income working families that are struggling to build economic stability and family security.
This program will serve as a “Prep Phase” to assist those on the lower income range as they prepare to become homeowners. These candidates are frequently living in very difficult circumstances: rentals with mold, insect or rodent issues, severe overcrowding, and/or in an unsafe area with high crime, etc. Having stable and safe affordable rental housing available while they work towards acceptance into our homeownership program will be of tremendous benefit to them and their families. Please click here to support our affordable rental pilot program.

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