Meet Your ReStore Staff

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I like to be able to help people. I helped a pastor save $1,500 getting a fridge for his church. Habitat is very family oriented.

Habitat cares about its employees — I love working here!



I love the wide variety of customers in the community! I enjoy meeting new people. I love to tell them about sales and make them smile.

I met a veteran with a fixed income. Through our senior citizen discount and our military discount, I was able to help her get a dryer despite her limited funds. She thanked me profusely.



I’ve only been working here about a month. It’s going great. I like interacting with the customers and my coworkers.

I like learning about what Habitat stands for. They’re about giving back to the community. Any profit we make, that goes towards building houses in the Richmond area.



I’ve been working here for 11 years. Harold and I, we were part of the original crew. He was one of the first people I met. I’m a merchandiser. I do customer service and I’m a donation receiver.

I meet a lot of good people. I learn from them. You never know when you’re going to meet someone who helps you out later.



I’ve been here a while –I don’t even know! I’m pretty much the oldest one here.  I unload the truck, help customers, and pick up items. I like that I get to learn different trades and meet different people.




ReStore DIY – Give Your Wood Furniture a POP of Color!

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Yesterday, while taking pictures of some of the awesome new stuff we have at the store – I came upon this sad little table…completely unfinished and a blah natural wood color.  It was on sale for only $5 – only five dollars! I just knew something had to be done to bring some life to this little table.  So guess what I decided to do?  PAINT IT A CRAZY COLOR OF COURSE!

Nothing adds life to a boring piece of wood furniture like a little bit of bright green paint (Habitat green, I might add!).  Here’s a short how to for you on how I made this little table pop!


STEP 1:  Pick your piece of furniture and give it a good polish to make sure no dirt or dust is present.



STEP 2:  If there is varnish on your piece of furniture, rough up the finish a bit with some sand paper.  Wipe off excess dust.  Lucky for me this table was unfinished so I got to skip this step!


STEP 3:  Pick a bright, fun color of paint, grab a paintbrush and start painting!

TIP:  It’s easiest to start painting from the bottom up and paint in stages.  For our table – we flipped it over and painted the legs and bottom first, let it dry and then flipped it to paint the top.










STEP 4:  Reapply several coats to ensure full coverage.



STEP 5:  To keep your furniture looking good – apply a coat or two of varnish to seal in the paint.


STEP 6:  Enjoy your awesomely, awesome new table!


We can’t wait to display it in the store – it will look perfect with a neutral couch and some fun decorative items displayed on top!  We definitely don’t recommend you go crazy and paint every piece of wood furniture in your house – but a few pops of color can really make your room fun!

And it’s so easy!

DIY Up-Cycling – Light Fixture!

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Here at the ReStore we have several light fixtures that may not be the most modern or cool light fixtures ever created.  Last week, we decided to do a little experiment to see if we could bring one lucky little light fixture from old and stuffy to young, modern and hip!  We hope you enjoy this epic tale of a light fixture’s journey to coolness!

Here is our heroic light fixture before; sad, not confident, dated, too shiny.

The first thing we did was give him a good polish to make sure there was no dust or other residue left on its surface.

Next, we took a tiny bit of paper towel and stuffed it in each candle tube (I’m not sure what it’s actually called, but I’m sure you get the gist!).  This will prevent the spray paint from getting into the part where the lightbulb is screwed in.

Next we took our trusty blue spray paint (almost exactly Habitat blue colored!) and started spraying.  We sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed until our light fixture was completely and evenly covered.  We let him dry outside for about an hour and when we returned we saw the amazing transformation!

It is amazing what a $4 can of spray paint can do!  Look at how snazzy our little light fixture looks now!  He will be so happy and proud hanging in someone’s dining room!

Lucky for you, we have plenty of other light fixtures here looking for a new home and a makeover!