Patrice’s Home Dedication

Earlier this month, Richmond Habitat held a dedication ceremony for a future homeowner, celebrating the completion of her home and the beginning of a new chapter in her life! Patrice currently lives in one of the local public housing developments, Hillside Court, and works as a Resource Specialist with the Virginia Department of Health, helping her neighbors navigate the resources they need to take care of themselves. While she spends her time taking care of others’ health concerns, she personally suffers from chronic pain due to arthritis in her back and knees.
Patrice is taking 10 educational classes offered through our Homeowner Services Department and working 350 “sweat equity” hours, volunteering to build her home and support other Habitat projects. After she finishes, she will buy her home and pay an affordable, 0% interest mortgage, making her dream of homeownership a reality.
Once she becomes a homeowner, Patrice has visions of helping others in Hillside Court become homeowners as well. “This will be another thing that I can push my community members to do after I finish. I can get them to start making this a goal,” says Patrice, “Thank you for your help & support.”
Please click here to help Patrice give back and help others become future homeowners.