3 Types of Waste You Can Reuse Around the House

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From food scraps to packaging materials and everything in between, every household produces waste. However, there are many ways you can improve the sustainability of your home.  You can recycle, purchase environmentally friendly goods, and get creative. Here’s some types of waste you may not have thought about reusing.



If you are a coffee lover, don’t throw away the grounds. Save them for your plants and garden. Grounds are rich in nitrogen, and they will help you grow tastier veggies.  You can also use grounds as a light natural dye. It’s also an abrasive that you can use to scrub pans, or even to exfoliate!




Save that old jar.  Most glass and metal jars can be easily recycled — or you can use them creatively.  Old glass jars make charming flower pots. They’re also a great way to store things in your pantry, organize craft supplies, or as a container for gifts like recipe kits.  “Upcycling” is also a great excuse to make mini cheesecakes…



If you are stuck with a pile of old newspapers, you could take them to the recycle bin… or get crafty.  With a little patience and time, you can make incredibly cool things with old newspapers such as baskets. It’s also a great way to reduce weeds: soak the paper in water, lay it on the ground, and cover the paper with compost or mulch.


April is our favorite month! At the ReStore, we’re celebrating with a big sale, food, and vendors.

Thanks for helping reduce waste in our environment.  If you have furniture, appliances, or other home goods you’d like to keep out of the landfill, make sure to drop them off at the Richmond Habitat ReStore.


Happy Earth Day!



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