Executive Staff

Mary Kay Huss, Chief Executive Officer, x102.

Larry Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer, x109

Patty Morris, Office Manager, x108


Construction Department

Mitch Danese, Vice President of Construction and Land Acquisition, x104.

Ann Coble, Construction Manager, x114.

Bill Erhart, Construction Supervisor.

Cary Kistner, Construction Supervisor

Mo Karn-Bruce, Construction Supervisor


Development Department

Jenn O’Rourke, Vice President of Resource Development, x110

Ginger O’Neil, Community Engagement Coordinator (Faith)

Dana Snead, Database Coordinator, x103


Community Engagement

Whitney Guthrie, Director of Community Engagement (Volunteers & Youth), x112

Hayley Morris, ReStore Volunteer Manager


Marketing & Communications

Kristin Vinagro, Director of Communications, x113


Finance & Administration Department

Kathy Knollmann, Finance Associate, x100


Homeowner Services Department

Amy McDaniel, Vice President of Homeowner Services, x105.

Jennifer Presley, Homeowner Selection Manager, x115

Nan Johnson, Homeowner Services Assistant, x106



Mark Gaddis, Vice President of Retail Operations

Marsha Daniels, Chesterfield ReStore Manager

Bob McGuigan, Northside ReStore Manager

Brett McTheny, Property Manager

Paige Quave,  ReStore Administration Manager

Crystal Wolverton, Procurement Manager