Women Build!


Women  Build  is  a  Habitat  for  Humanity  International  program  that  encourages  women  to  make  a   difference  by  building  homes  and  communities.  The  program  seeks  to  encourage  women  volunteers  to   further  the  home- ‐‑building  mission  of  Habitat  for  Humanity.  Women  Build  is  not  about  excluding   anyone.  It  is  about  including  women  and  opening  new  doors  of  opportunity.

Fall Women Build Registration NOW OPEN!!
September 24th-September 27th 


Since  Women  Build’s  official  creation  in  1998,  Women  Build  volunteers  have  constructed  more than   1,600  homes  around  the  world.  In  2009,  volunteers  helped  build  an  additional  252  Women  Build  houses.

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Decent,  affordable  housing  is  a  quality  of  life  and  basic  human  dignity  issue  facing  families  everywhere.   The  Women Build  program  of  Habitat  for  Humanity  International  has  one  mission,  and  that  is  to   empower  women  to  take  action against  poverty  housing  conditions.


Women  Build  brings  together  women  from  all  walks  of  life  to  address  in  a  concrete  way  the  housing   crisis  facing millions  of  women  and  children  across  the  globe.  The  more  people  we  can  train  to  become   effective  volunteers,  the better  equipped  we  will  be  to  fight  poverty  housing—and  we  are  training   women  to  do  just  that.


Available Projects- $35/personphoto-320
*Limited to a first come, first serve basis

Wednesday, September 24th (Church Hill)- spots still open
Wednesday, September 24th- project filled
Thursday, September 25th-  project filled
Friday, September 26th- project filled
Friday, September 26th-  project filled
Saturday, September 27th – project filled

REGISTER ONLINE!! All dates and projects are first filled. 




Chicks with Bricks @


Thursday, September 18th
Open to all supporters of the Fall Women Build…guys that means you too!

Free to Attend!!