Women Build!

Women Build (14)
Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis facing millions of women and children worldwide.


Click here to Sign Up, https://www.crowdrise.com/spring-women-build-2017

Click REGISTER & THEN TICKETS TO PICK YOUR DAY! The participation donation goes towards our fundraising efforts for this Spring’s Women Build effort! The $35 includes lunch on site and the Spring Women Build give-away. If you would like to help us fundraise further you will want to set up your individual or team page on Crowdrise, which you will return to when you have completed the initial registration here!

Click here for the Women Build Packet: Spring 17 Women Build Packet

Women Build Dates:

Wednesday, May 10th: SITES FULL

Thursday, May 11th:

  • Kayimbula Home- SITE FULL
  • Brown Home- 5 spots left
  • Scott Home- 5 spots left

Friday, May 12th:

  • Kayimbula Home- 1 spot left
  • Brown Home- SITE FULL

Saturday, May 13th:

  • Kayimbula Home-SITE FULL
  • Brown Home- SITE FULL

Wednesday, May 17th:

  • Kayimbula Home- SITE FULL
  • Brown Home- 3 spots left

Thursday, May 18th: SITES FULL

Friday, May 19th: SITES FULL

Saturday, May 20th: SITE FULL

Thursday, June 8th :

  • Kayimbula Home- SITE FULL
  • Brown Home- 4 spots left

Friday, June 9th: SITES FULL

Saturday, June 10th:

  • Brown Home- 4 spots left