DIY Monday: Sewing Machine Table Transformed into Cooler and Drink Table!

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Known for having cookouts and epic get togethers?  Re-purpose an old sewing table into a cooler and drink table for the fabulous weather!  We have a few sewing machines in the ReStore that would be perfect for this re-purposing project.  It’s a great addition to any great cookout or any party.  Just repaint, do a little of reconstruction, remove the sewing machine, and add ice and drinks!  It’s time to party!  It is also great idea for spring and summer weather!


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DIY Monday: Shelves to Sandboxes

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It’s springtime and time for the kids to play outside and what cooler way than to play in a homemade sandbox!  All you have to do is re-purpose an old bookcase, remove whatever shelves you would like, and add sand!  It’s probably the easiest DIY project that the kids will be sure to love!


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