We are currently working to build a brand new home in partnership with Reveille United Methodist Church in the Swansboro area of Richmond.  This home when completed will be an adorable four bedroom cape.


About the Family:

Dina Y’vette Harris is ecstatic that her Richmond Habitat Home will allow her thirteen-year-old daughter Jaidan, ten-year-old son Deshan, nine-year-old daughter Runte’jan, and two-year-old son Dawn to grow up in a safe environment. She is happy that her children will no longer have to worry about drug activity or other negative influences in their new community. Internal health risks, including a recent bedbug infestation, will also be alleviated in their new home.


While being a single mother undeniably has its challenges, Dina fully accepts the responsibilities of teaching and protecting her four, impressionable children. For the past five years, for example, Dina has worked hard for the United States Postal Service. Her efforts to serve as a strong role model for her children perhaps stem from her mother, who worked for the Richmond Public Schools Department of Public Transportation for thirty-six years. Although quiet, Dina remembers her mother as an exceptionally giving person.


Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with our homeowners, volunteers, and donors, works to restore the hope and dignity that poverty housing often strips away. In accordance with this vision, Dina emphasizes the opportunity to raise her children in a safe community of which they can all be proud.


Dina is also committed to complete the 350 “sweat equity” hours required of all Richmond Habitat homeowners on behalf of her young family. She has already proven her willingness to participate in our programs to learn and practice budgeting, home repair, and maintenance by enthusiastically attending a class entitled, “Manage Your Money Wisely.” We are very excited to welcome Dina Y’vette Harris and her children into the Richmond Habitat community.


Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors and In Kind Donors:

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